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Rosy commented a year ago
To use the website for one year, a payment of $100 will have to be made to the account details give below. Bank name: Bank of Baroda Bank account name: THIRDEYE Bank account number: 89630200000524 Bank I.F.S.C code: BARB0VJMUSU The... (More)

Understanding The Difference Between RPO And Staff Augmentation

When a software firm or corporate IT department needs to cut personnel costs, accelerate project timeline or push beyond the scope of in-house resources, they often opt for technical staffing services. There are a variety of staffing models of... (More)


Top 5 Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation For Modern Businesses

Most IT companies are shifting their interests in modernizing how they hire talent. The companies are implementing the benefits of IT staff augmentation to meet the requirements of their IT projects.

It’s a fact that the demand for skilled employees... (More)


Why Choose IT Staff Augmentation Services: 2022-23 Guide

According to Bloomberg, nearly 54% of businesses worldwide are experiencing talent shortages. Several projects go through fluctuating needs and demands for a cost-effective solution. Businesses are trying to strike the right balance between productivity and profitability, leading to the... (More)